Lyoferm, Inc.

Lyoferm, Inc. is a quality and service oriented company based out of Midwestern America. It brings forward into this new century a tradition of integrity and innovation founded by its parent company, Vivolac Cultures Corporation.

In 1983, Lyoferm, Inc. was created to assist its parent company, Vivolac Cultures Corporation, in the expansion of its probiotic line. Since then, Lyoferm, has been providing quality custom service for customers worldwide in the natural supplements industry.

Lyoferm, Inc. has a dedicated technical sales force and shares research facilities, quality control resources, and clerical sales staff with Vivolac Cultures Corporation.

Vivolac Cultures Corporation

Founded in 1967, Vivolac Cultures Corporation has been a manufacturer of bacterial cultures for decades. Originally established as a supplier of lactic acid bacteria cultures for cultured dairy byproducts, Vivolac continued to branch out into sales of cultures for hard cheese, specialty sausage and bread fermentations. As the interest in holistic medicine continued to grow, Vivolac developed a line of probiotic cultures in the 1980’s. Production of the probiotic cultures was a natural progression from the frozen liquid concentrate product that Vivolac was already offering for the supplementation of liquid milk with L. acidophilus. In a very short time, Vivolac was manufacturing a full line of premium freeze dried probiotic strains for the natural supplements industry.