Lyoferm, Inc.: A Quality Supplier of Nature’s Technology

Current studies of the human microbiome are bringing international attention to the importance of gastrointestinal health. Ground breaking research spurred by technological advances in the tools and techniques used to study the metagenome of human gut bacteria is postulating possible connections between the human microbiome and diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

Lyoferm, Inc. offers a complete line of probiotic cultures to meet your product needs and can help you custom blend your formulas with a variety of strains, excipient and prebiotic ingredients. If you have a propriety probiotic strain, we can also manufacture and blend to your desired specifications. With a complete in house research facility, we can provide support in qualitative, quantitative, and application formulation for your new products.

Our careful manufacturing, rigorous quality control and collaborative studies with closely affiliated universities and research institutes can help you create exciting innovative products and open new marketing opportunities.